Help Using Online Bookings

Advice and assistance with the Sandwell Leisure Trust Online Bookings system.

Step 1. Log In

  • To use the on-line bookings system, you must hold a current Leisure Pass.
  • If you wish to apply for a Card, please contact your local Leisure Centre or download an application form.
  • Your card number is printed on the front of your card.
  • In the interests of security, asterisks replace the information you type in on the log-in page.
  • You must enter either your surname or your postcode so we can confirm your card number.
  • If your surname or postcodes don't match up, this may be because your membership record contains an error - try adding or removing the space from your postcode. Or have you moved/changed your name? Try using your old postcode/name.
  • Please speak to any of the staff at our Leisure Centres to get this checked and corrected if necessary - see above, right.
  • All cards require an annual renewal to confirm that the membership details we hold for you, such as your address and card status, are still current.
  • You will not be able to make internet bookings until the renewal has been actioned.
  • Please contact your local Leisure Centre. The staff will be happy to help with this short process.

Step 2. Choose Centre

  • Click on one of the names of the Leisure Centres to display a list of the activities available to book online.
  • Not all our activities are available online. If the activity you require is not in the list, please call your local Leisure Centre.

Step 3. Choose Activity

  • Select the activity you wish to book at your selected Leisure Centre.
  • Don’t forget that many of the activities take place at more than one venue.
  • You will only be able to view the activities that your membership type allows you to take part in.

Step 4. Choose date and time

  • This screen displays a list of the dates and times that the activity you chose is available. The number in each timeslot shows the number of courts or places left.
  • Don't forget that if an activity is sold out, you can still check availability at alternative venues. To go back to the list of leisure centres, click on the 'change selections' button.

Step 5. Review

  • This is your chance to change any part of your booking - venue, activity, date or time. Just click the 'change' button beside each of these items to go back through the booking process.
  • If the booking is acceptable to you and you have other bookings you wish to make, click the 'add to basket' button and the booking will be held for you while you book other activities.
  • If the booking is acceptable to you and you wish to make no further bookings, click the 'proceed to checkout' button to continue with the process.
  • If you decide you don't want to continue with this booking, click the 'log out' button.
  • The 'view future bookings' button provides a list of all your future bookings at any of the leisure centres. These may have been booked on-line, in person or by telephone. The bookings you are in the process of making will not show in this list until you have clicked on 'submit booking' on the next page.

Step 6. Checkout

  • This page shows details of your bookings.
  • You can remove them from the list by clicking the 'delete' button.
  • Click 'Continue Booking' if you wish to select further activities.
  • There is a maximum number of consecutive bookings you can make.
  • Click 'Submit Booking' to complete your booking.

Step 7. Confirmation

  • Click the Print confirmation. This will show you confirmation of the booking you have made. Take this confirmation sheet with you when you attend the centre.
  • Please remember to take your membership card to the centre with you, as reception will need to swipe your card to confirm your attendance.

We also have a page of Frequently Asked Questions about the online booking system which you may find useful.

If you require any further assistance or would like more information about our online booking system, please email your questions/comments to

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