Junior Lifesaving

Junior Lifesaving
Strong young swimmers can earn STA lifesaving qualifications with the STA Junior Lifeguard Academy. Building on your existing swimming skills you can take your passion for swimming to another level. 
Lifesaving is a skill that as well as helping others can really benefit you with confidence in emergency situations and a better understanding of health and safety around the pool and in general. Possessing lifesaving skills can also help to reassure parents that their youngsters know what to do in an emergency. 
Find a suitable class at various locations, dates and times below...
Junior Lifesaving Lessons Timetable

Haden Hill Leisure Centre
Saturday 8am

Langley Swimming Centre
Friday 4.30pm & 5.30pm

Smethwick Swimming Centre
Saturday 11.30am

Tipton Leisure Centre
Saturday 2 sessions at 11am

Wednesbury Leisure Centre
Wednesday 4pm
Saturday 11am