Have your say on Sport and Leisure Facilities in Sandwell

Date added: 09 February 2017

Sandwell Council is seeking the views of residents on the borough’s sports and leisure facilities...

Sandwell Council has launched a public consultation that started on 13 February 2017 to get an understanding of what leisure facilities are currently used and what residents would like to see provided to improve sport and leisure facilities in the future.

Councillor Richard Marshall, cabinet member for leisure services said: "Over the last five years Sandwell Council has been committed to providing the best state-of-the-art leisure facilities to our residents. 

"We have opened four new leisure centres but we are aware that we need to improve the condition of our other centres to bring them up-to-date, and to ensure that we are providing value-for-money to the people that use them.

"This is why Sandwell Council has set up a Select Committee for Leisure Provision to look at the best way we can continue to provide better, more efficient leisure facilities which meet the needs of our residents.

"We are committed to providing high-quality leisure facilities for our residents and this consultation will help us determine what we are to do with our older leisure facilities to continue to meet the sport and leisure needs of our future generations.”

Councillor Paul Sandars, Chair of the Select Committee for Leisure Provision, said: "The government has reduced funding for leisure provision across the country and the Select Committee for Leisure Provision is consulting with residents to seek their views on how best we can provide a better value-for-money leisure provision for them in future.”

The consultation opens 13 February 2017 and will run until 31 March 2017. You can have your say by completing the online survey:

Feedback from the consultation will then be presented to the Select Committee who will report their findings to Cabinet during 2017.

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